Granite Worktops At Great Prices

Granite Worktops At Great Prices

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There is something special about granite. Granite worktops add a level of quality to your kitchen that no other material can as easily provide. Cool to the touch and pleasing to the eye, they are an excellent addition to your home or business.

It may be the versatility of granite in design that has done so much for the popularity of the material. The range of uses and possibilities is endless and kitchen designers often get creative with the vast color selection and design freedom allowed by modern cutting machines.

Not Just For Worktops

Granite is not only used for tops, it is also used for floor and wall coverings in a very beautiful way. One popular modern look is to match the cheap granite worktops with the adjacent floor tiles to create a clean and sleek design. Since the material is a natural stone, the color goes through and any custom shape can be created. This allows for custom components to be designed, such as an accent in tumbled marble wall tile.

Common thicknesses of granite are 2cm and 3cm, which offer distinctly different looks around edges and sink cutouts. Another thickness option can be had by laminating two slabs of granite together to create even more thickness to the stone. Coupled with a wide range of available edge profiles, the creative and practical design options are quite impressive.

Ease Of Use and Maintenance

Granite worktops are among the simplest to keep clean. The glossy finish obtained by the polishing process is, on its own, very durable and beautiful. Many products are also available now that seal the stone surface to further enhance the natural resistance to moisture. Usually a quick wipe-down will result in worktops with a brand-new shine.

For the busy cook, granite has a very real advantage that no other material can match. It is generally impervious to heat, at least within the normal ranges of hot cooking appliances. This can greatly improve the efficiency of a kitchen in terms of workable space and allow more than one cook to work simultaneously.

Better Pricing Available Now

The pleasing thing is, granite worktops don’t cost what they used to.

Significant improvements in the processes of measuring, cutting, and installing granite have allowed for much more competitive pricing than in years past. This opens up the use of natural granite to a much wider range of consumers and builders.

Modern technology plays a large role in the lower costs available to those seeking to improve the kitchen with granite. Templates can be made digitally which allow for perfectly accurate prefabrication in the shop with all of the cutouts for sinks, faucets, or appliances done prior to arrival.

This improvement in efficiency also allows for a much simpler experience at time of installation. No longer is there as much need for cutting the material on-site which not only makes a tremendous noise, but creates a cloud of dust that is always ready to travel to the nearest, and least understanding, neighbor.

Great Feel, Great Practicality, Great Price

Thanks to the natural beauty of stone that was once reserved for the most elite and well-heeled of society, combined with the modern efficiencies of computerized cutting machines and manufacturing, the best material for worktops is now available to a wide audience.

This may be your year for granite. Take some time to browse the colors, edge details, and other features. Consider how it might work in your kitchen! There has never been a better time for this perfect worktop material.

Natural Stone Worktops

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When selecting the various construction materials for a home building project, or home remodeling project, don’t forget to consider natural stone worktops. Have you ever wondered why marble, or granite, or slate became such desired building and furniture materials? Take marble, for instance. It has been used in buildings and homes for many, many thousands of years. It has been popular in Asia and Europe for literally centuries. Back in the days of the Roman Empire heyday, it was used for sculptures and paving materials in the homes of the wealthy. The reason for such enduring popularity can only be ascribed to its beautiful elegance. For instance, a marble or granite topped table, as in natural stone worktops, polished to perfection, can add class, and awe inspiring admiration to your home. The timeless beauty, found in many varieties of stone, such as granite and marble is not, one that will ever diminish, nor will it cease to be coveted by designers for personal use products in homes. The number of counter-tops, vanities, sinks, tables, building columns and kitchen counters, which are constructed using these materials, is staggering but, not surprising. The ultra rich have been known to spare no expense in decorating with marble, as in luxurious fountains and garden settings with marble topped tables. Many have attempted to duplicate the look and feel of granite or marble, but sadly, it cannot be counterfeited.

The natural stone worktops favored by cooks is, marble and a close second to that is granite. The durability of natural stone worktops is of primary importance. You can work it over for years, and it will retain its beauty. It will always convey the feeling of wealth. When you see pillars of ancient buildings still standing in older European and Asian cities, you can appreciate its classiness. Now, a piece of that same granite in your walkway or private sinks can really amp up the value of your home. In China, a whole industry is committed to marble and granite and they are greatly desired as both imported and exported commodities. One should seek out experienced masons who are secure with their supplier and are able to complete the job. When making plans to install such materials in your kitchen, don’t forget that you and your decorator, can create some very lovely borders for your kitchen counters and in the bathrooms you can dream up some very luxuriously well placed, and stunning designs in the tile work upon the floor, and working up to the wainscoting. Its natural composition creates a very homey and comfortable ambiance in whichever room it’s used, and in any natural stone worktops it is attached to.

Many are also unaware of the temperature keeping properties of marble and granite. In addition to that, most are also appreciative of the low maintenance of marble and granite. It is very easy to keep clean, and sanitary, too. The floors stay cool in the heat of day. Did you ever notice that hospitals have marble floors? Most also have natural stone tabletops, because they can be kept clean and sanitary, although, the cleaners are specialized, but worth the expense Perhaps at one time, there was a concern about radon emissions. Those fears have been put to rest, there are studies which can be researched, which show that any emissions are so tiny, they are far from risky.

Manufacturers and factories work on the huge slabs of granite and marble which is retrieved from quarries all over the world. This means that you will have some really varied types of stone designs to choose from. The large blocks of granite can be sliced down to 2 cm or 3cm thick and marble can be made into 1.7cm or 1.8 cm. Some of these are then glued and all are polished prior to installation. Natural stone worktops can be configured to utilize, the many different natural designs of marble your interior decorator can recommend skilled tradesmen who specialize in custom fabrication of counter tops, sinks, tiles, steps, rails

Whether you’re selecting granite or marble for your residential or commercial building, you will be very happy with the results. Nothing adds classy style like a stone top

Affordable granite worktop

Affordable Granite kitchen worktops


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‘Written in stone’ and ‘Solid as a rock’ are phrases that we use everyday which are synonymous with timelessness, durability, beauty and strength. It’s what you come to expect when you say granite kitchen worktops. Sure they aren’t the cheapest counter tops available, but if you want cheap just go to any large home building center and look on the back wall for premade counters. You’ll find everything you want that will last a few years before needing to be replaced.
Affordable granite kitchen worktops, although typically higher priced than conventional counter tops, give back everything you paid for them and then some. You’ll never need to replace them for one thing and they will keep their day one appearance for your life time and then some.
If your kitchen is like most people’s, it’s a place where families congregate, where friends are invited and company is catered to. There really isn’t a more inviting look or a more elegant feel than granite. Many different affordable colors are also available to suit the needs of any home, so there is never any need to worry about being limited with color schemes. From the country kitchen to the uptown suite, granite kitchen worktops instill the beauty, style and charm to any decor that other counter tops just can’t match.
Though higher priced, granite kitchen worktops are actually reasonably affordable. You’re not going to pay ten times more for them and you’re not going to break the bank to buy them. You’ll find that many times they are less than twice as much as other types of counter tops, but…
Scratches can be buffed out. Try that with cheap, back-wall counter tops.
Cooking and cleaning is a cinch, too. A hot sauce pan with your favorite country gravy can be taken right off the burner and immediately placed on granite without a hot-pad; and why? Because your not setting it on plastic or some other man-made, inferior material; you are setting it on stone!
Why settle for less when so much more is available? Most people never even price them because they think of them as a luxury item which instantly puts them out of their price range. Yes, they are a luxury item, but unlike a Rolls-Royce, most people find that they really can afford this luxury. They just need to get past the mental barrier. For those who are still that concerned, most places will take payment plans and they will install. Some places charge so little for installation that not only is it worth it, but the increased cost to the buyer is barely noticeable.
Finally, though, comes the satisfaction that buyers feel when it’s all said and done. Nobody that buys affordable granite kitchen worktops ever regrets the decision. It’s like that guy that spends a little more for the Mustang. You’ll never hear him regrettably stammer, “I should have gotten the Accord.”
What it really boils down to is what you’re happy with. Do you want to settle for less when the best is available; or do you want to eat out a little less for a few months if that’s what it takes, so you can have the quality, style and look that you want for the rest of your life?
Granite kitchen worktops are the answer to everything you want your kitchen to be.

Quartz Worktops Offer Trendy, Durable Beauty

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Quartz worktops are replacing worn and outdated countertops in many homes and businesses, offering an exciting new option in gorgeous, durable, easily maintained functionality. Homeowners who are remodeling/refurbishing their kitchens, bathrooms, and work spaces are discovering the natural beauty of these innovative surfaces, just how affordable quality quartz worktops can be, and how easily they are installed. Business owners are adding quartz worktop to desks and work spaces for beauty and durability.

Quartz is a common mineral found over much of the world, meaning it is readily available in large supplies, keeping the material costs low. Most quartz worktops are made from solid, 100% quartz blocks which have been mined in quarries. These blocks are cut into slabs that can be further tailored for a custom fit before installation. Engineered quartz tops are increasing in popularity, too. They are created from crushed quartz to which 5% polymer has been added. Both natural and engineered quartz offer a very hard surface that is scratch resistant. Engineered worktops offer slightly higher impact resistance, making them a good choice for work benches. These worktops may also have other materials and coloring added to them to create unique styles. Natural worktops exude the natural beauty this raw material contains, and come in a variety of natural shades.

Those who use quartz worktops in the kitchen enjoy the fact that they are non-porous, making them easier to clean and to keep free of the invasive bacteria that can be a problem in wood worktops. The wide selection of styles and colors means that a perfect match can be found for any existing décor or new project. They add a wonderful touch of elegance anywhere they are used, and are growing in popularity as a safe, durable, even green alternative to traditional worktops.

Many Ways to Determine Granite Prices

The Many Ways To Determine Granite Prices


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The many qualities that can be found within Granite are the reason so many people wish to use it in their home. It is a solid, natural stone that makes a great addition to any piece. Whether it be in the kitchen, bath or office; It is considered to be a stone that brightens up a room and represents style. Even with Granite prices being considerably higher than others, it still remains to be one of the top materials used in homes today. In determining the cost, several factors are considered.

The thickness of the stone. Usually when used for countertops, this stone comes in a thickness of three Centimeters. It can be found within the limits of Fifty to a Hundred and Thirty Dollars a square foot. It is available in a two Centimeter thickness which can cost less and still retains pretty much the same qualities, it simply has an added base of another type of material added to the bottom in order to achieve the extra Centimeter required in countertops.

The texture and color of the stone. This stone is marketed in all kinds of colors including, solid and swirled. It can be cut into basically any design of choice and can contain grooves and indents that add flare.

Where the rock originally comes from is another factor. Typically stones coming from other countries save money because of the prefabrication before it is shipped. When prefabricated in these other countries the cost involved is lower due to lower work wages. This saves the manufacturer money and in turn saves you money.

Dealers of Granite are located throughout the world and vary greatly in their way of doing business. Some carry a higher grade of stone than others. A lower grade though, does not necessarily mean that it is any less of a stone, sometimes a difference is not even noticeable and will save you some money.

This stone can be purchased through wholesale suppliers and installation specialists both. The labor will cost more than the stone in most cases. You will want to compare these costs side by side with each company before choosing which to purchase from.

Make sure that you talk to the business about the details. Ask them about the grade, the cut, and the thickness. Another question you will want to ask is about the prefabrication. All of these things will decide the final Granite prices.

Granite Backsplash

Rethink Your Back Splash and Upgrade to Granite


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Currently on most home improvement shows and recommendations for home remodeling you will find the best return on your investment to be installing granite for your counter tops. In most real estate markets the two major upgrades people look for in any home are wood floors and granite counter tops. Prepare to get the most for your money and show your style with upgrading not only your counter tops to granite, but your back splash also.

Watch any home improvement show or high end home show and you will find that most have a beautiful stone back splash. Blend the beautiful wood of your cabinets to the sleek look of granite counter tops by creating a seem less transition between the two by continuing the granite straight up onto the wall. This timeless and eye catching look will not disappoint you.

Consider the ease of caring for a granite back splash. Just like the attributes that make it a wonderful counter top product, using it for the back splash is the way to go. Gone are the possibilities of grease marks from splattered food on paint or wallpaper. Know that a soft rag will remove almost any mess from the granite. Know that it has superb durability and timeless essence making it a great investment for your self as well as potential future buyers of your home.

Granite can now be found in a multitude of colors and styles including almost solid dark colors, light colors with with swirling accents, sparkly brightness, and anything in between. You can choose from a full slab style to smaller tile style granite pieces. Thanks to the multiple colors that are usually found in a slab of granite the color scheme can easily be changed in your kitchen down the road with keeping your investment one that will last a lifetime. Your design options with granite as a back splash are endless.

The luxurious look that continuous granite provides to your kitchen will make your glad you upgraded everyday. What an easy way to create a polished high-end feel for your family home. This addition to your kitchen design will not be overlooked by guests and future buyers. Prepare to feel impressed yourself when you see the completed design with a granite back splash included.


Quartz Silestone Worktops

When To Select Engineered Stone Worktops For Your Home ?


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Engineered stone worktops are man-made composites often made of 93% crushed quartz and between 3% and 7% binders and resins. Since these worktops are made from real quartz, they are very durable. Their ease of maintenance make them a favorite of families.

The disadvantages of engineered stone include the fact that it can be very expensive. Due to the fact that the material is man-made, as opposed to natural, the color is very uniform – missing out on the variations which occur in nature. Also, there may be visible seams.

Advantages of engineered stone far outweigh any disadvantages. Due to the materials used to create the product, such as quartz or even marble, these countertops are very durable and strong. Easy to install, virtually maintenance-free, it is easy to clean these worktops. Engineered Stone is usually 1/4 inches thick which makes it very easy to install over current worktops.

As these Silestone countertops are so durable, they are both scratch resistant and heat resistant. To be safe, however, avoid putting hot items directly on the countertop. These Silestone tops are stain-resistant, making them very family-friendly. Since they are non-porous, bacteria is unable to find a place to grow. Also, there is no need to reseal the product, thereby reducing maintenance involved.

Selecting colors can be difficult because there are so many to select from. You will find a wide variety of selections, many fashioned after currently available non-engineered products – such as Cambrian Black and Earth Brown.

Some of the colors available include: white, beige, peach, red, maroon, purple, sky blue, navy blue, green, yellow, orange, black, gray, and brown. New hues and colors are constantly being introduced. Some of the newer shades include Lavender, Mulberry, and Magenta. With so many selections, the design possibilities are endless.

Finding Unique and Creative Granite Worktops

Finding Unique and Creative Worktops in UK


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Renovations are challenging at the best of times. You know that your house is looking dated and you know you want to both make a change and add value to your home. Change the countertops in your home are a quick way to add value while giving you an entirely different feel. Finding worktops in UK is a great way to be innovative in your own home.

One way to meld innovation with creativity is to look at environmentally friendly materials. Usually, these products are newer and their durability might not be as easy to determine as, say, granite. Being able to say that the product comes from recycled materials is definitely not something that can be said about quartz.

Terrazzo is a great product to use to create a worktop. Crafted from materials which are kept out of landfills, such as stone chips, organic shells, metal scraps and glass bottles, are melted to create terrazzo. To achieve a smooth finish, these are mixed with concrete. Comparing terrazzo to a quarried slab, terrazzo can be more expensive because of the creation process. The mixture, however, is as unique as the quarried slab, and no two tops are the same.

Granite is the best natural worksurface that exists. It is 100% natural with virtually no influence on Mother Nature.It is heat, scratch and under standard, normal use very durable. Granite worktop will last a liftime . It would be my personal favourite. Especially the esthetiscs and beauty of it.

Glass worktops are another new favourite. Again, each one is unique, giving your workspace a fantasy space. Constructed from 95% recycled glass bottles as well as plastics, these are hygienic because antimicrobials are easily added during the melting and mixing process.

With glass countertops, you can select from a matte finish, like concrete, or a marble like glossy or polished finish. Colours are created by varying the ratio of coloured bottles to clear ones. Knowing that you have kept products out of the landfill help soothe over the fact that these tops are quite expensive as they are manmade.

Bamboo is another product which is very environmentally friendly. During late spring and early summer, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet. Similar in properties to hardwoods, such as mahogany, teak and walnut, bamboo has the same beautiful, luxurious rich look. Bamboo can be damaged by liquids, so it is important to make sure you seal it properly.

When you are renovating and searching for the perfect worktops UK, consider doing something good for your conscience as well as your eyes. Whether you select glass or terrazzo countertops, you can comfort yourself by knowing you kept materials out of the landfill. Because bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, it will regrow quickly while you are enjoying a lovely, strong new worktop.

Discount Granite Worktop

A Discount Granite Worktop For You !

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Your choices are wood, laminate, quartz, marble, stainless steel, copper, solid surface, and granite. You have a headache just trying to think about all your choices for your counter top, barbeque work space, or work table. And you are a novice and feeling stupid. But you too can be a genius at choosing the material on which you are going to prepare and fix your work of art. It may be a salad, a casserole, lemon squares, skewers of meat, fish filets, or a cabinet, a miniature ship, or a lamp, or whatever you want to create. To create you need a sound and inspiring foundation that endures a lot of use while its beauty enshrines your work.

To choose your foundation, you may wish to write on a piece of paper all of the pluses and minuses for each choice. Draw eight vertical lines and ten horizontal ones. You put each category of materials in the vertical line boxes. Tile is not on the list. It is not practical due to having to clean its cracks daily. On the left side you write the words cost, heat, water, scratches, stains, colors, ragged, bacteria, guaranty.

By wood you want to put a negative 5 by the words cost, stain, ragged, and bacteria, a negative 10 by the words heat and water, a plus 1 by scratches and guaranty, a plus 5 by colors, and a plus ten by appearance. Wood is likely to burn up, be water logged, stained, or carry bacteria, appear ragged, even if its appearance and guaranty are superior. If you want a brief encounter with a beautiful wood, at a heavy price, you choose wood.

By laminate you put a plus 10 by cost, colors, ragged, and guaranty, and a negative 5 by the words heat, water, scratches, stains and bacteria, and a plus one by appearance. But laminate is and looks cheap and is not functional. It burns, is damaged by heat, water and stains, often looks ragged, and its cheerful appearance may be just a blip on the screen and a temporary solution.

By quartz, you put a negative ten by cost and heat, and a positive ten by water, scratches, stains, colors, bacteria, ragged, and guaranty, and a positive five for appearance. Quartz is expensive and you can not a hot pan on it and have to use a non-abrasive cleaner.

By stainless steel and copper you put a negative ten by cost, appearance, colors, and a positive ten by water, heat, stains, bacteria, and guaranty. Usually the cost and appearance factors militates against copper or stainless steel. Clean does not equal beauty.

Marble is not as hard as granite, and more care is needed for marble than for granite. Marble chips, stains, and scratches more easily than granite. So by marble you put a negative ten by cost and heat, and a negative five by stains, and a positive five by bacteria and guaranty, and a positive ten by appearance and colors for marble. You buy marble for looks but not for practicality.

As between granite and a solid surface, granite wins. It is known as the most durable and beautiful material for kitchen and other top surfaces Its pattern vary so it is never confused with a mass produced material. It has a plus ten rating for all categories but cost. And cost is where we step in and make it affordable for you. A discount granite location is where we know how to obtain granite of quality and in quantity, sell it to you at or near our cost, and still make a profit. We could sell our granite at a higher price, but we want you-our valued customer-to gain by our skill and know-how and obtain this beautiful natural material at an affordable price. Your savings is our secret. So for your hard-earned money, choose granite and us. We know you will value us and our granite just as your family and guests will value your exquisite top. They will proclaim its beauty while you know it is also easy to clean and maintain and you and it will endure together for a very long time.

Cheap Granite Worktops

Cheap Granite Kitchen Worktops

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The beauty and durability of granite makes it the ideal addition to the kitchen worktops. Granite has been used in homes from as far back as the ancient Egyptians that used granite tile on their floors and used granite for their pyramids. Today granite is still being used to make memorials, sculptures and in the home on countertops and floors. However, in our present economic crisis remodelling a home has to be done as cheaply as possible. If granite is the choice for the worktop than cheap granite worktops must be the proper choice.

In making a decision as to your granite worktops, you should consider why you want to make a particular kind of granite your choice. If you are using the granite to make the kitchen look good for our own use for many years, than perhaps you would like to choose a better grade of granite. However, if you are using the granite to make the kitchen look good because you are selling the house then you should perhaps choose the cheap granite for the worktops. The granite worktops would certainly bring the cost of the house up to what you may be asking for it. This would be an asset, if the area in which the house is located warrants the added price of the house.

If you are planning to do the installation yourself, than do not consider the slab granite worktop. The installation of the slab countertop is without a doubt, a job that needs more than two people to do properly. If you are planning a do-it-yourself installation than consider modular granite which are mini slabs and can be easily handled by two people. The last option for cheap granite worktops is granite tile. This is a job any do-it-yourselfer can handle.

Installing granite tile is much the same as installing regular tile. Because of the many colour choices that granite offers the tile can be put down in any design or color scheme you would like. It can introduce a new decor to the kitchen or match the existing decor. You can match the design of the countertops to the floor. Granite tile is the answer to cheap countertops. If you opt for the mini slabs (modular granite) it too can be considered cheap. The mini slabs look somewhat like a slab when finished because it does not have all of the seams that the granite tile would have. These are definitely options for cheap granite worktops. In fact, at the present time there is a test being made in which you can purchase a prefabricated cheap granite worktop which is eight feet in length and twenty five and a half inches in depth, with a rounded edge and two splashes. There is only a choice of three colours and only a few home improvement stores carry this test granite slab. It is claimed to be the best product for installation by a do-it-yourselfer, as very little tools and accessories are needed. The cost of the prefabricated granite slabs is lower than any other granite on the market. If this test product is successful there will be more choices of color and more providers supplying the product.

There are various ways of finding cheap granite. A good place to start looking is online. There are many regular price and discount price companies touting their granite wares online and with some serious searching, you can find one you are comfortable using. Another way to find the cheap granite is by checking out wholesale granite companies. Many times these wholesale companies will give you a sample, so that you can bring it home to see if it fits in with your new or old decor. The cost between the online or home improvement companies and the wholesale company can vary with a savings of about fifty percent. Search for your granite provider carefully. Some of the wholesale granite providers will match the price of another provider if you can prove, in writing, that the other provider’s price was lower.

When you have found the provider that offers the most cost efficient product, you want to talk with that provider about warranties against staining and cracking. If the provider is going to do the installation be sure there is a warranty covering the installation. Without a doubt, all of this will take time and patience but, once you have done the research and the leg work you will feel good about getting a quality cheap granite worktop.

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